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Did you know that your school’s zero tolerance policies could expand to behavior found on Facebook?

The majority of high school athletes are required sign zero tolerance and code of conduct policies. These policies typically forbid behavior involving use of tobacco, alcohol, steroids, and other illegal drugs. While these policies obviously apply to behavior on school grounds, most are expanded to include behaviors off school grounds, as well as content posted on the Internet and social networking sites. For athletes thinking about a college career in sports, these postings can forever scar their academic record and … Continue reading

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Your Child is Too Young To Be Old

Written by Mary Jo Rapini LPC a True Care advisor I was at a posh restaurant and was able to people watch while waiting for my friend to join me. People with money, power, expensive clothes, cars, and dates show up here. I began wondering what I was doing; was the great food going to somehow make all of this show of affluence okay? I was underdressed, and evaluating that in my mind, when all of a sudden I heard … Continue reading

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