1/28/12 is Data Privacy Day

What does that mean? Well it’s a day to sit back, think about how much we do online (email, shopping, banking, social networking, texting… yes that counts, too) and how what we share (photos, comments, contact information, whether publicly or privately) impacts our online reputation.

How much do you think what you do online impacts your personal reputation? According to a blog post made on Tuesday by Brendon Lynch, chief privacy officer at Microsoft, “While a lot depends on who has access to the data, every piece of personal information that exists online about you – whether posted by you or by others – has the potential to impact how you are perceived by family and friends, an employer, a mortgage lender and more…”

In Microsoft’s Online Reputation Management Survey that was just released, 14% of adults surveyed said they have experienced negative consequences as a result of someone else’s online behavior. Of those who have experienced unwanted repercussions, 21% were fired from their job, 16% lost out on getting a job or lost their health insurance, 14% were not accepted to their college of choice, and 15% were turned down for a mortgage. Others said their online activities caused a friend or family member to lose a friendship, be embarrassed, or fall victim to identity theft.

Read more about this in the PC magazine article: “Infographic: Few Internet Users Ponder Impact of Web Activities” by Angela Moscaritolo

Or check out Microsoft’s survey yourself for more details.

You can also access tools and resources for talking with your child about Data Privacy at http://www.staysafeonline.org/dpd/education-resources.

Another interesting tidbit from the survey states that the more actively involved a parent is in monitoring their child’s online reputation, the more concerned the child is about managing their reputation.

So take some time to talk with your child about the importance of Data Privacy.
TrueCare is here to help.

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