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Facebook for College Students: Connections, Depression and Reputation Management

As a parent, you’re likely worrying about what your young children and teenagers are doing on Facebook, especially with the constant flow of news stories surrounding cyberbullying and online predators. But what about your college kids? After all, Facebook started as a networking site solely for college students, and today, about 96% of college students have a Facebook account. How is ones Facebook use affecting that individual’s college experience as well his or her life beyond college (i.e. the post-grad … Continue reading

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So Your Teen Wants a Facebook Page…

Your thirteen year old approaches you, asking to get a Facebook page. You hesitate. With all of the news about cyberbullying, online predators, and other dangers for children on social media sites, you have reason to be concerned and your first reaction may be to say “No”. And for many parents and their teens, “No” may be the right answer. However, if you decide that your teen is ready to begin using Social Network sites, we suggest you take some … Continue reading


“Helicoptering” vs. “Free Ranging” – What’s a Parent to Do?

This blog post was written by Alison Rhodes, an advisor for TrueCare. Alison Rhodes – the “SafetyMom” is a nationally-recognized expert regarding child and family safety and addresses issues facing newborns to teens. She is a sought-after guest on many national television shows including The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, CNN International and The Doctors. Whenever I talk to parents the question of “monitoring” kids comes up. What I mean by that is how do we protect … Continue reading

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Are You Facebook Friends with Your Child?

Are you friends with your kids on Facebook? “Friending” or “following” your kids through popular social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, can be a great way to connect and grow your relationship with your kids. Continue reading

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Cyberbullying Statistics You Should Know

While some people may consider bullying to be a normal part of growing up, today’s form of bullying has become something quite different. Continue reading


Internet Content Filter for Facebook

With the right Internet content filter, you can still protect your kids from the potential dangers of messages and postings on social networking sites like Facebook while allowing them to take part in social networking. Continue reading

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Internet Protection for You and Your Children

As parents, it is important to keep up with what your children are doing online, opening an ongoing dialogue to remain updated and informed. Help to protect your children by talking to them about the Internet, as well as learning online language and how social media really works. Continue reading

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